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From Continous Integration through Continuous Deployment to Continuous Delivery

03 oktober 2013

This post is about setting up Continuous Delivery, its focus is on getting the delivery part optimized. The example I’ve sketched is a .Net platform, but in the final setup I’ll include where you might choose for other options to accommodate, for instance a Java stack.
A couple of years ago at Sogyo I was in a team of developers building a data gathering and visualisation application for a company specialized in industrial laundry automation.
At the time we had a Hudson build server, running our unit tests and running some code quality checks. It also built our releaseable packages, both for the acceptance platform as for the production platform, doing the configuration transforms at build time.
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What is needed to go from a working Continuous Integration setup to a Continuous Delivery setup. The example scetches how this is done for a .Net application, but also indicates the differences and overlap when creating a Continuous Delivery setup for Java.